Teacher Spotlight

Congratulations Bruce Hamrick

Bruce Hamrick – Integrated Productions Technologies

I always like to tell the story of how Bruce became a teacher at our Carver. He was subbing as a custodian at Carver and after talking with him we learned that he had an engineering degree. Bruce had retired from being a safety director in the coal mines but wanted something more. The IPT course was being implemented through SREB and is considered an advance course. They wanted someone with an engineering degree. After talking with Bruce about teaching he decided he would try it. Honestly, it is his calling. He has worked with SREB to help write the curriculum for the course. Not only has he built relationships with outside agencies but he has built relationships with students staff and community. His passion for teaching is visible when you walk into the classroom. He has started this year with simulated workplace in the classroom and has done presentations for SREB in Atlanta. He has been invited to another conference to present in New Orleans for SREB. Carver is blessed to have Bruce as an instructor and being at the right place at right time, pays off. Thank you Bruce for taking the chance on teaching. We are glad you did!

Quoted from Nicole Parsons – Assistant Principal