Job Placement

What can you expect?

Carver Career and Technical center has a Job Placement Office to assist students in finding the perfect job to go with their new education. As the hiring of a person has many factors and the decision ultimately is in the hands of the employer, Carver does not guarantee employment. The purpose of Job Placement Assistance is to assist the student in becoming employed but the major responsibility for securing employment is the students. Naturally we provide employability skills training in all of our programs. Students may schedule and appointment with the Job Placement Specialist to discuss job search strategies.

Students may be placed in on-the-job training (OJT) assignments while they are still students at Carver. OJT is a valuable training experience as demonstrates to potential employers your ability to apply your education in real life situations. It gives you the opportunity to polish those technical skills that you have learned in the classroom. The assignment may be paid or an unpaid position working under supervision.

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