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Enrollment Procedures

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Information for Secondary Students

Students will need to obtain an application from their high school guidance counselor. Once application is completed an interview may be scheduled. Student acceptance is based on application and interview.

Each Program has their own admissions criteria. However, all applicants are screened for attendance and grades.

Information for Adult Students

What Steps do I take to Enroll?

• Contact the instructor for more information.

• Supply the instructor with all needed documentation.

• Contact the main office (304) 348-1965 for registration information. .

In order to be admitted to Carver Career Center, you must first speak with the Instructor of the program you are interested in attending. Each program has its own procedures for acceptance.

After you have been accepted into the program of your choice, you need to register in the main office.

At registration, the following information needs to be provided.

* $35 registration fee – some programs require additional lab fees at application
* Original high school diploma, GED or transcripts
* Selective Service card number if male and under age 26
* Photo ID

Prospective student’s should complete FAFSA application (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) in order to see if they are eligible for financial aid. The website address is www.fafsa.ed.gov and Carver’s school code is 014060. After the application is submitted, it takes 5 to 7 days to process. It is the students responsibility to complete the FAFSA and receive a valid SAR (student aid report) prior to meeting with the financial aid office. Applications are also available at the main office.

Carver Career Center does not participate in Federal Student Loans. Carver will not certify a Federal Guaranteed Loan. It is the student’s responsibility to get a private loan if necessary.

*If a perspective student has a loan in default status, you are not able to receive Title IV aid. Once the default has been resolved, you may then be eligible.
*Full-time programs have payment plans provided for a student that is a self-pay.
*Part-time programs require full payment at registration if not eligible for grant funding.
*If you are a self-pay student, the only payments we accept are cash, check or money order. The office does not have cash in the office, so please have correct cash when making a payment.
*If questions regarding financial aid, please see Cheryl Gray in the main office, or call 348-1965 X106