Get a Career Plus College Credit with our EDGE Program

The West Virginia EDGE program stands for “Earn a Degree – Graduate Early”. This program was established in 2001 and is the by-product of the seamless curriculum initiative that focuses on curriculum alignment between education levels. EDGE was partially created to provide incentives for more students to continue their education beyond high school. Students who participate in the EDGE initiative can earn community and technical college credit, free of charge, for the duplicated secondary and postsecondary courses identified during the curriculum alignment process. Those who choose to attend a community or technical college may now enter those schools upon graduation from high school and Carver with college credits accumulated. Several programs are currently in the development stages to accommodate this need, with the EDGE program leading the way.

Carver has over 200 members on their Advisory Board and a committed staff all of whom support higher education for our students. The EDGE program and other similar programs define a system that gives our vocational students the opportunity to attain college credit for their coursework as a high school/vocational student and to quickly attain their college degree.

The goals of the West Virginia EDGE initiatives

  1. To provide an opportunity for all students to establish a college transcript while in high school.
  2. To increase the numbers of students attending community and technical colleges, and
  3. Establish a pathway that allows students to obtain an Associate Degree one year after high school or along with a HS Diploma.

Where can I get more information?

Contact your high school guidance counselor or call the Job Placement Coordinator at Carver.

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